A Balance Diet is an Ice Cream in Both Hands

A Balanced Diet Is an Ice Cream In Both Hands

Last week, I was enjoying a wonderful perk for staff at Meals on Wheels London, aptly named “Happy Friday,” where we have a 2:00 early closing throughout July & August. \The destination last Happy Friday, was Haven‘s Creamery, tucked away on Piccadilly Street. The title of this blog is the sign you read when you enter the store. Where you are also met the tantalizing smell of store made waffle cones. Haven’s offers “batch by batch” home made ice cream. There were four of us and we all chose a different flavour. Prompting a foodie battle cry of “mine tastes better than yours”. Many bold, small birds joined us at the outdoor picnic table. They were waiting for a piece of the cone and not very patiently.


From there, on to Victoria Park to look around the Home County Folk Festival. This we enjoyed at our leisure until the threat of rain and darkening clouds overhead sped up our visit. We had parked close to Haven’s, so set off at a fast walk, which turned into a bit of a gallop, but there was no out running this downpour. It made me feel quite old to be the last person to the car. I just don’t have the speed of an eight or twelve-year old.  


Once safely in the vehicle we had a good laugh at our sopping wet selves and waited a bit for the rain to die down. As we sat there my niece and her two children, spoke about the past two years when they delivered a meal route to the Cherryhill apartments. They recalled the two clients who always offered them a little treat, a cookie, an apple or candies. They even remembered many of the names from their list. Not being familiar with apartment living, the slowness of the elevators, the smells of different foods cooking, the laundry room, the stairwell, buzzing the client to get into the building, all left an impression. This year with several weeks booked for summer camps, and a vacation out of the country they were unable to take on a route this year. It’s great that these experiences will always be with them and I hope this brings about a future which includes community volunteering.


Ending on a sweet note - with several newer ice cream stores in London yet to experience, I may have to add this on to my Happy Friday experience in the weeks to come. Laura