"Exsalted" January

First month of the calendar year – big expectations. You have started the new year off on the right foot, if you are wearing the right pair of winter boots. A practical pair, the type you don’t worry about being stained by that unattractive salt residue.

As the deep freeze settled upon us, my heart iced up too. Ah, heck – my whole body was chilled. Each day hearing the morning temperature I crossed my fingers (for warmth) that my car would start. Thank goodness, it has not failed me, instead it shook that frigid weather off into those ever-expanding snow banks.

Several days I’ve been up at 5:30 to clear out our driveway before heading off to work. So much snow, I have wanted to cry in frustration – but that certainly doesn’t get the shovelling done. I should have rejoiced each time the City plow and the smaller sidewalk plow, came down our street. Yet the odd day it felt like a stab to the heart. The additional forty-five minutes it took to slog through the heavy, chunky mess left in their wake is just what you get after such a blast of snow.  

Also putting a pale on winter, is the January cold/flu season.  Convincing myself that I would escape the “office cold”, was as bad as convincing myself I would win Lotto 649. First came the sneezing, sore throat, sore eyes, congestion, mild body aches, and the general feeling of malaise. When the Kleenex box became my best friend, all these other “January Things” gained momentum and became a gigantic snow ball of discontent.   

Teetering on the edge, I am thankful for the bright-  side that improves my mood. We have hundreds of volunteers who willingly do what has been requested of them. No matter what the temperature is or the amount of snow that confronts them!

Last Saturday, I saw a Sun Dog in the sky. It was lovely and remained visible the whole time I was out shovelling. That lifted my spirits.

Then this past Monday morning, I stood forlornly in my driveway wondering where to put all the snow that was accumulating.  My neighbour look pity on me and came over with her snow blower to finish the driveway. I thanked her and gave her a hug. She had said, “We have to help each other”.

When I came home from work, she had been over a second time to clear up where my car had been parked and she also blew the snow off our walkway. I felt like crying right there and then.

Her gracious gesture did the trick, I have felt a chunk of ice fall away from my heart. As soon as I can say “bye-bye” to this head cold, I’m certain the rest of my heart will thaw too.  Laura

PS. If you are in need of a winter warm up, join us at the "Winter Warm Up" Soup dinner in support of Meals on Wheels for a minimum $5.00 donation you can join us at the Village Table- 630 Dundas St. for a soup dinner and a warm winter visit with members of our community.  Click on the link here to purchase a ticket and join us Monday January 15 from 4-7 pm.