That Fall Feeling

Do you ever get that feeling of fall in the air, before fall is officially here? I usually do sometime in August. I felt it on Wednesday, in the morning, when I reached in the mailbox to grab the newspaper. The air was cool, the grass wet and as I looked around that feeling hit me right between the eyes.


Later, on Wednesday afternoon, my co-worker Daniel and I put notices into client frozen meal packages. It was a reminder that we would be closed on Monday, September 3rd for Labour Day. Labour Day already! Hmm, were these just a series of strange coincidences, including my contemplation of wearing a long-sleeved shirt in the morning? It wasn’t as obvious a sign as crop circles before an extra-terrestrial visit, but still a sign pointing away from August.


It also prompted another look at the calendar, where I saw that the final day of August was a Friday and our last “kick at the can” for Happy Fridays. The season coming to an end for a 2:00 p.m. closing time. Another sign, time shared with Daniel our summer grant student is over today. During the past few months, Daniel took on more routes than I count, to help fill in for volunteers away from their meal routes. He drove all over the city and from every depot.


“Oh, July and August, we hardly knew ya”. It has been a busy three months for the staff at Meals on Wheels. New clients, a new intake system, lots of volunteers doing double and triple duty to help us out and to keep everything running smoothly. It’s quite something to have such wonderful support. Always impressive and makes our hearts skip a beat or two.


On August 13th we welcomed our new Executive Director, Darryl Hall. There have been lots of opportunities to chat about what each of us does and how we work together to support one another. Most importantly how we support our volunteers and the clients who receive our services. We’re off to a great start.    Laura