The Friday of One Thing After Another

Two weeks ago, Julie had already delivered her regular meal routes on Wednesday and Thursday.  She then agreed to deliver a spare route on Friday. That morning she headed off to our South Depot to pick up the first route of the day. I wondered, did she have any feelings of foreboding, or a nagging suspicion of what awaited her, our intrepid meal delivery volunteer?

The temperature had started a downward spiral and the chill was back in the air. At her first apartment building, Julie got out of the car and the wind whipped up, ripping the car door from her hand. Two springs fell on the ground - the force of the wind was that strong. The car door would no longer close properly. A good Samaritan happened upon her and used his brute strength to push the door in, but not enough to close it completely, leaving a gap of about one foot remaining. 

Julie went into the building to quickly make her deliveries. This is when she realized that she had a meal bag for a client that did not live in the building. Returning to the car to get the appropriate meal, several people in the parking lot stopped her to point out that her car door had been left open. She thanked them for their concern. When she went back into the building with the right meal and buzzed the client, he never answered his buzzer to let her back in.  She left the complex, about to turn onto the road, when another concerned citizen ran up to the car and told her driver’s side door was open.

Julie was on her way home to meet her son-in-law, who was bringing another car for her to drive. To get home, Julie had done her very best “McIvering” of the door, by tying a rope through the handle so she could keep the door from opening further while she drove. Once the car was exchanged, Julie transferred the remaining meals into the vehicle her son-in-law had brought and set out again.

It was at this point, that a short-lived blizzard, a mix of snow and freezing rain, stalked her progress while she completed her deliveries. It was snowing so heavily she could barely make out the street signs. Another earnest Samaritan, offered to clean off her windshield wipers since they were covered with frozen snow. Finally, the route was finished, and the meal redelivered to the client who didn’t let her in initially. Julie arrived safely home.  She called me to report on this unprecedented day.

Staff at the Auto Body shop were not sure they could fix the door. While waiting for a conclusion to be reached, Julie borrowed her daughter’s car, so she could continue to deliver her meal routes. She took a break from Wheels for Wellness drives until her own vehicle is ready. Julie made a full recovery from the series of unfortunate incidents that came her way that Friday. Because that is the type of person she is!