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August 23rd - Cold Plate Chicken Salad Wrap
August 24th - Haddock
August 25th - Cabbage Rolls
August 26th - Salisbury Steak
August 27th - Macaroni & Cheese
August 28th - Ham
August 29th - Butter Chicken
August 30th - Cold Plate Egg Salad
August 31st - Salmon
September 1st - Chicken Alfredo
September 3rd - Pork Loin
September 4th - Mango Chicken
September 5th - Meat Lasagna
September 6th - Cold Plate Chicken Souvlaki
September 7th - Sole
September 8th - Pasta Primavera
September 9th - Turkey Burger
September 10th - Sweet & Sour Meatballs
September 11th - Coconut Chicken
September 12th - Vegetable Chow Mein
September 13th - Cold Plate Tuna Salad Wrap
September 14th - Cod
September 15th - Pulled Pork
September 16th - Spaghetti
September 17th - Chicken Teriyaki
September 18th - Corned Beef
September 19th - Vegetable Lasagna
September 20th - Cold Plate Salmon Salad
September 21st - Tilapia
September 22nd - Sausages
September 23rd - Pork Souvlaki
September 24th - Beef Stroganoff
September 25th - Roast Beef
September 26th - Cabbage Rolls
September 27th - Cold Plate Chicken Salad Wrap
September 28th - Haddock
September 29th - BBQ Chicken
September 30th - Macaroni & Cheese
October 1st - Ham
October 2nd - Butter Chicken
October 3rd - Chicken Alfredo
October 4th - Cold Plate Egg Salad
October 5th - Salmon
None 1 2 3

Please note that breakfast bags cannot be ordered on their own and must be ordered with a hot meal.

Yes No
August 24th
August 25th
August 26th
August 27th
August 28th
August 29th
August 30th
August 31st
September 1st
September 3rd
September 4th
September 5th
September 6th
September 7th
September 8th
September 9th
September 10th
September 11th
September 12th
September 13th
September 14th
September 15th
September 16th
September 17th
September 18th
September 19th
September 20th
September 21st
September 22nd
September 23rd
September 24th
September 25th
September 26th
September 27th
September 28th
September 29th
September 30th
October 1st
October 2nd
October 3rd
October 4th
October 5th


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