Instructions Included

I must admit, I have not always followed instructions very well. They are such a “dry” read and I lose interest and several screws almost immediately. As an avid reader, it would be better if the guidelines started with, “It was a dark and stormy night when part “A” was joined to part “B” using the Allen key included in this packaging.  The rain fell heavily against the window as this microwave hutch was put together. The darkness of the sky, was illuminated by bolts of lightning, followed quickly by deep drums of thunder. Now, repeat the above process with parts “C” & “D”.

I am not much better with navigational directions. This came to mind when I went out to deliver a route from our West Depot. When you are in an area of town you don’t frequent, things get more complicated when you are trying to find the home of a client. This is compounded by vehicle speed and the size of print used on a condo complex sign. To be a responsible driver and not a distracted one I was afraid to take even a quick glance at the route sheet. I found the condo and delivered the meal. The complex had the narrowest lane way and given how I parked it took a twelve-point turn, before I got the heck out of there.   

The old “turn right” has changed to “turn north – south – east or west”. Life would probably be easier if I had a GPS. But after reading the article about the gal driving at night who ended up going down the boat launch in Tobermory and submerging her vehicle with instructions given by her GPS, I’m not sure all their directional information is very accurate.

With our route sheets we try our best to be both succinct and comprehensive at the same time. It’s good when we get feedback from volunteers who will call to say, “Your directions for Mr. Jones are not accurate.”  Or, “It’s not west off Wellington. It’s east.”  One of my favorites from yesterday included, “Go through back gate, around to back door.  Don’t let the cat out. Go downstairs to basement apartment.” I was worried about the cat thing because the thought of having to chase a cat around the back yard filled me with dread. I was very, very careful not to let it escape.

I met lovely people while doing the route. I also found that I frequently turned the wrong way out of most apartment elevators. Some buildings have great indicators of which way to go, but not all of them. In one building the hallway seemed so long I felt like I was in the movie “The Shining”.

It was an adventure I tell you and one I was glad to have. Everyone received their meal, so it was a success all around. My thanks to my co-worker Jo-Anne who writes great route instructions.

Laura Christie, Volunteer Coordinator