Meals on Wheels London 50th Anniversary


It is hard to believe that in 2019 Meals on Wheels London will turn 50. In 1969, Earl Russell began what has turned into a remarkable journey for the organization. Thanks to his leadership, Meals on Wheels London remains one of the largest independent organizations in the province and each day strives to make the lives of those it touches better.

So, what was happening in 1969? The average cost of a home was around $15,000, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, Woodstock attracted more than 350,000 fans, and gas was 35 cents a gallon. Richard Nixon was President, Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister and it was the first year that Walmart Incorporated. Times have changed but the sentiment of which Meals on Wheels London started remains the same.

It was the original mission of Meals on Wheels London to help Seniors remain in their homes by providing meals delivered to them at an affordable cost. The program has expanded to those 18+ with a disability. A transportation service was created to take clients to Wellness related appointments. Meals on Wheels London continues to provide subsidized services to those in need as well as providing meals and transportation for all seniors across the city.

The constant has been and always will be the “more than a meal” factor. Providing a safety check-in and social interaction goes a long way in assisting physical and mental health and helps to fight social isolation in our community. Since 1969 our client numbers have increased incrementally and with an aging population, rising food costs and other factors in recent years, the increase has been significant.

On Sept 6th, 2019 at the Marconi Club Meals on Wheels London will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a Breakfast will celebrate this milestone, talk about our past, look to our future and of course raise funds for our programs. We hope you can join us