Officially Retired

For this post, I am looking back three decades. So, let’s start with a retrospective of the year 1985.

·         Brian Mulroney was the Prime Minister

·         David Peterson was the Premier of Ontario

·         Rick Hansen was on his “Man in Motion Tour”

·         The RMS Titanic was found off the coast of Newfoundland

·         The Edmonton Oilers won their second Stanley Cup

·         Most significant, Beth Morrow began her thirty-three role as a meal delivery volunteer with Meals on Wheels London

Beth is a special, and unique lady. She has a zest for life and experiences. During her days delivering, there were a great many experiences – that were coincidently - experienced while she was out in the community. I estimate that Beth delivered over 7,000 meals, connecting with hundreds of clients.

This would also translate into an inconceivable number of door knocks – because you never knock just once. She also did a lot of buzzing for clients in apartments to gain entry. Amazing really, that Beth never got stuck in an elevator, as most of her deliveries were in apartment buildings. Sometimes the elevators were “not in service”, and that’s when many flights of stairs were climbed to bring the client their meal.

Beth spent most of her years delivering out of our Central Depot. If I was lucky, I saw her on Wednesdays. But long before I started here, Beth and her friend Wally, who delivered out of another depot, would spare for each other when one of them was off. This was great for us, since the spare was already secured.

Beth was organized about the delivery process, always carrying a set of shopping bags to put the meal bags in. This kept them upright and stacked in the order of delivery. So diligent in following our processes, Beth was a great person to train new recruits and set them on a good delivery path.  

Beth and I went out for lunch the week before her last route and she marveled at the fact she had been active and involved with Meals on Wheels for such a long time. She was generous and a proud supporter of our meal program and the clients who used the service. Now officially retired, there’s no telling what new experiences Beth will enjoy!  It was our good fortune to have her share thirty-three years with us. Laura