Orange Cones

It starts with one, and some time during the dark of night, it multiplies. Until much to your dismay, it has become a long-line of orange cones. They are everywhere you go.  From Adelaide Street right through the alphabet of roads ending up with York Street. This is just the list that represents on-going construction.

Periodically you will see one that is not standing at attention but lying down on the job. Was it the heat and it just couldn’t take it any longer? Or heaven forbid a motorist trying to wheel around a raised sewer cover, accidently clipped and upended it. 

These cones get around, there are also road closures due to local events such as Sun Fest, Rib Fest and other festivals. There are local runs where the orange cones come out to mark the course and force traffic into one lane. We’re hosting the Ontario Summer Games, Rock the Park, and a Block Party in Wortley Village – more cones. Not to mention a favourite event of the cones as their bright orange is the perfect foil for the October Halloween Parade in Wortley Village.

I acknowledge that road repairs are necessary, that pot holes and driving don’t mix, and street lighting needs to be operating properly. We certainly don’t need orange’s cousin red, flashing to indicate four way stops because of old wiring.

I have yet to mention that there is of course, a list of Upcoming Projects. Isn’t it interesting that you can click on “Show” as well as, “Hide”. Oh, the sheer bravery of those who will hit “Show” instead of leaving well enough alone. I’ll give you a hint – it shows a lot of watermain cleaning.  

In the fall when road construction projects are getting close to being completed, the warehouse where orange cones, construction signs, and traffic barricades go to hibernate could be open to the public. People could come and wave good-bye for another season. For safety’s sake the doors will close just before midnight when the cones, signs and barricades will get together and start multiplying so there will be enough of them to go around for the projects of 2019.

We salute our valiant volunteers who encounter hundreds of cones everyday of the summer while out on their meal route or driving clients to medical appointments.

I just don’t have it in me to salute the orange cones, even though they are doing a fabulous job. Now, if they were ice cream cones with orange and black tiger stripe ice cream, I would salute and curtsey.  Laura