Out of Context

A nice treat for me this past weekend was a pedicure. I went with two of my nieces on Saturday. My niece Jen was the polish tester using her fingernails to narrow down our selection of colours. This time I decided on a grey/blue colour instead of my usual red. It was called “Asphalt”. The name certainly didn’t lend itself to something bold and joyful. But I liked it just the same.

We enjoyed our pampering. With a warm towel around our necks smelling of lavender and a cup of tea to drink, it was delightful. Between conversations, which included input from our three Nail Technicians, we discussed eyelash extensions, microblading for eyebrows, the best product to remove hair from dogs that shed, and what was new at the movie theatre.

During the process, I glanced across the room and recognized the face of someone I knew. She was getting a manicure. Where did I know her from? After several glances, I realized that she was a Meals on Wheels volunteer. Seeing her at the Spa was out of context and I went through multiple names before I settled on the correct one - Mary.

After our pedicures were completed, we “retired” to the sun room for a spell to allow our nails to dry. I saw this volunteer again and had the opportunity to say hello. She knew she recognized me, but had some difficulty trying to figure out which Meals on Wheels staff member I was. As soon as everything was straightened out, she went on to tell me that she wouldn’t be available for transportation drives as she was getting ready to leave on a bicycle holiday in Europe.

Her description made it sound quite idyllic and I was sure it would be. It also sounded like it would be a great deal of tough cycling. I already knew Mary to be an excellent driver -in the nine years that she has been volunteering she has provided 253 client rides to appointments.  Yet, in all these years I never knew she was such an avid cyclist. It now seemed appropriate that I had ended up choosing “Asphalt” as my nail colour. Volunteers drive countless miles in a year to deliver meals and get people to appointments. Certainly, Mary has during her shared time with us.  As we said good bye, I told Mary to have a wonderful trip and could tell by her brilliant smile that she intended to do just that!


Saturday, June 23 Join us for Race the Runway!

If you are keen on putting the pedal to the metal – an event we are participating in called, “Race the Runway” may be just the activity for you. It takes place on Saturday, June 23rd on the grounds of the Jet Aircraft Museum. Between 12-4, high performance vehicle owners will be going full throttle down a closed taxiway. Our activity is providing the barbecue and organizing the special “Kids Zone”.

Part of the proceeds from this Event will go to Meals on Wheels London.