PSW Training Fund 2017-18

PSW Funding Has Been Approved. Organizations that applied should have received a funding confirmation letter. If you did not apply, there still may be an opportunity for funding. Please contact us at 

Meals on Wheels London administers the PSW training program for the Southwest and Erie St Clair LHIN regions. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (ministry) provides funds to eligible organizations for PSW certification training and PSW enhanced education (3+ hour specialized PSW training).

Deadline: To apply, the following documents must be submitted by Friday June 23, 2017. Funding is not guaranteed and this process is only an application. Funding will be confirmed by the ministry and Meals on Wheels will communicate funding allocations if and when they are approved.

Training Proposal Template

Eligible employer summary document

Signed memorandum of understanding(MOU - please read this document in its entirety)

Please e-mail the above completed documents to

Questions can also be directed to the PSW e-mail address above.

Important Information

***Note: below is just a highlight of some program details. Interested organizations must read the Memorandum of Understanding  to understand the full scope of the program

All Training must be completed between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018

What is an eligible organization?

In order to receive funds, Eligible Organizations must:

a) provide community support services or personal support services in accordance with the Home Care and Community Services Act, 1994; and

b) be in receipt of LHIN or ministry funding for the provision of such services.

If you believe your organization is eligible and you are in need of training funds for PSW certification or enhanced training, please contact us!

Important notes for the 2017-18 program (some new, some reminders)

  • Enhanced training must be 3+ hours in length and cover one subject area
  • Course outlines and details will be required and indepth information and other details may be requested (especially from in-house trainings that do not have a great deal of    information)
  • In-house training will be more heavily scrutinized, so make sure you design specific eligible training that meets the criteria and the hour requirement
  • Enhanced training must be for certified PSWs
  • Food and refreshment costs are not eligible for courses that are less than 6 continuous hours of training
  • No conferences are eligible
  • Late submissions are at the discretion of MOWL and the ministry to accept or reject. The ministry is trying to get funding out as fast as they can, and receiving submissions later will slow the process

Training Partner Links

1. Fanshawe College Course Listing

2. Fanshawe College Registration form

3. Capacity Builders PSW training