It was cold today so on went the winter coat, scarf, mitts and boots. I cleaned the snow of my car with a big broom and then easily swept the driveway clear of the two centimeters of snow. My neighbourhood Cardinal “Ted” sang away quite cheerfully, as though he knew it wouldn’t be long before warmth returned to the hood.

Yesterday, the big flakes swirled around outside my window like I was inside a snow globe. But at the end of the day when I walked to my car, there wasn’t a flake on it. The icicles that once hung suspended on the eavestroughs of our building have been gone for a few weeks. And that’s a relief as they were huge and thick beasts of ice that made me fear one would fall and pierce my car as I drove beneath them.

The next two weeks will not be classified as “unusually warm” by any means, but they are expected to be on the plus side. It doesn’t matter if spring creeps slowly into being, it will arrive. A co-worker declared quite audaciously this morning, that this would be her last week wearing sweaters – especially turtle-necks. If I was a betting gal, I’d wager ten dollars that she might be forced to regret her bold words. Although, I know that I will certainly admire her new floral attire.

When you become truly sick and tired of your winter coat, and boots that make you plod along like Frankenstein, April and the promise in its five letters does fill you with hope. In the mean-time, by the end of March, many of our vacationing volunteers will return home to roost and their arrival is always a “pick me up” around here.

Our March for Meals activities have shone a light on our meal program and the importance of nutrition and the daily contact clients have with volunteers. Nineteen community routes exposed area politicians, business owners, and community partners to this service. A reminder that people need to be healthy to stay independent. Community support services remain a necessary and vital component for those wishing to age at home. We are always pleased to have an opportunity to showcase our programs.

We have another opportunity coming up to toot our horn at the March for Meals Walk Event. It’s at the Covent Garden Market on Saturday, March 24th from 2:00 to 4:00.  I hope you have considered joining us. It’s sure to put a spring in your step. Come on down and bring your family and friends. Even if the wind blows cold, the event is indoors, and you’ll be warm and snug.

When I arrived at work today, our downtown Cardinal, also called “Ted”, greeted me as I opened my car door. I’m certain he wouldn’t sing so joyfully if he wasn’t tempting the warm air to take hold and not let go.  Laura