"V" is for Valentine

A special Lunch Bunch Outing will be taking place on February 14th. As soon as notices were sent to clients, the response was terrific. The date filled up quickly with clients eager to attend. As it turned out, twenty-three clients registered to participate. The Four Seasons will be their destination for lunch.  This restaurant offers the things we must take into consideration when booking a venue: good parking, ease of access, no stairs, space to maneuver for clients using a walker, and tables as opposed to booths.

The Four Seasons also earn check marks for affordable prices. But the fact that the menu offers a mix of Canadian and Greek cuisine is really the “pistachio on the top of the baklava” so to speak. Once the menus are opened, I’m predicting a difficult time will be had while trying to decide what to order.

My co-worker Kerri, revealed that several clients told her they hadn’t been out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day for a great many years and loved the thought of dining out. First-time clients signed up and will no doubt become Lunch Bunch regulars after enjoying a lovely afternoon and meeting lots of new people.

Ten volunteer drivers were needed to get this bunch to the restaurant and home again. Kerri reached out to transportation volunteers who had never been to Lunch Bunch before. They too were caught up in the magic of Valentine’s day and agreed to provide rides. This outing has heart shapes doodled all over it and promises to be a very special experience for everyone. Kerri will top things off by adding a little bag of chocolates as the take-home treat for clients.

For the past few years, we skipped January and February, because of weather cancellations. This year January and February have both earned a bad rap for the excessive snow, ice and lake effect squalls. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for our February 2018 outing.

Perhaps because of the weather and years of going to busy restaurants & cafés on Valentine’s Day, you have decided to leave going out for dinner to those with stars in their eyes. Perhaps you’ve been leafing through a collection of flyers for pizza, chicken wings, etc. because not having to cook still sounds very appealing.  You should take another look at the restaurants supporting The Village Table meals.

On November 28th, Meals on Wheels London launched these meals as a social enterprise. The local restaurants include Marshall’s Pasta, Sebastians, Tanakaya, Thaifoon and The Coop. Serving size options are available. Check out our website for more information. This year on Valentine’s Day, you could order from The Village Table. Your selection will be delivered right to your door with heating instructions included.  In a jiffy your meal will be ready to enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day - Laura