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At Meals on Wheels London, we are more than a volunteer opportunity, we are a community. We depend on friendly, dedicated volunteers to fill many roles. Many positions are needed during our daytime office hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. 


Volunteer Positions Needed:

Regular Meal Driver - Assigned to a regular route and deliver meals once a week on a specific day. Use of own vehicle required. 

Transportation Driver -  Select a particular time of the week to drive clients to medical appointments. Min. 1 ride a week for 1-3 hours. Use of own vehicle required.

Lunch Bunch Driver - Drive clients to a restaurant and back home. Feel free to stay for lunch and have a chat with them. 1-2 times each month for a 3-hour commitment. Use of own vehicle required.

Fill out the application below to begin your registration process for a volunteer position.  Once the application has been successfully submitted, a Volunteer Services Manager will call you to complete the registration. 


Meals on Wheels London provides a healthy food delivery service for adults with disabilities and seniors (55+) in need of nutritional support by assisting those who need short-term (caregiver relief, recuperation, seasonal) or long-term assistance. All successful applicants will undergo an interview - approximately one-hour long - will have to bring their current driver's license and car insurance to the interview. All necessary training will be provided by Meals on Wheels London”


Volunteer Identification

Volunteer Opportunities

Regular Meal Driver Assigned to a regular route, delivers meals once a week on a specific day. Spare Meal Delivery Driver Assigned to a depot(s), delivers meals on an occasional, call-in basis when regular drivers are unavailable. Transportation Driver Selects a particular time of the week, and will drive clients to medical appointments.


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Authorization and Statement of Confidentiality

You will be asked to sign the following agreement during the interview.

I, ______________________, authorize Meals on Wheels London to collect personal information appropriate to the position(s) applied for concerning my employment history as well as any volunteer experience, and to verify the character references I have supplied. I understand that the information obtained will be confidential but will be shared with the appropriate Police Department in order to obtain clearance on a Police Records Check. I understand that my personal information may be used to keep me informed and up to date on the activities of Meals on Wheels London, including services, funding needs and opportunities to volunteer or to give. I hereby certify that my drivers licence and vehicle insurance are valid and that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to keep Meals on Wheels London informed if any of the above information changes at any time. I understand that any willful falsification of information may result in termination of my volunteer assignment.

I agree to hold as confidential and will not disclose or release to any person or agency at any time, except where required by law, any information or document that tends to identify anyone receiving Meals on Wheels London services without the written consent of the individual or their guardian prior to the release or disclosure of information or documents. I understand that a breach of client confidentiality may result in my being removed from my volunteer position; and that release of confidential information might be cause for legal action.

Important Note: All information Meals on Wheels London receives about clients is confidential – names, addresses, health conditions, etc. It is NOT considered a violation of confidentiality for volunteers to inform Meals on Wheels London of concerns about clients. Often volunteers are the first persons to recognize that a client is in poor health or has a problem needing attention. Please do not identify clients by name or address to ANYONE other than Meals on Wheels London staff. Thank you for your cooperation.