Whistleblower Form

If you have questions or feedback for Meals on Wheels London we welcome it at anytime. General complaints such as individual concerns or complaints, can be sent to info@mowl.ca


The whistleblower form below ensures that Meals on Wheels London acts with the integrity they are known for and to protect all those that it represents including clients, volunteers, staff, partners, vendors and the general public.  


This whistleblower form is for where there is an honest belief that a member of Meals on Wheels London is engaged in serious misconduct, wrong doing or illegal activity that constitutes a criminal offence; negligent and gross mismanagement; serious, wilful and flagrant breach of applicable federal, provincial or municipal statute(s), regulation(s) and public policy directive(s); serious breach of ethics or code of conduct; substantial and specific act or omission that creates a health and safety risk; an act of fraud or misappropriation; questionable financial, accounting controls and audit practices; conflict of interest influencing decision-making; alteration, destruction, forgery, manipulation of data or unauthorized access to information for wrong doing purposes; conflict of interest influencing decision-making; and other circumstances similar in nature to the above activities.


All whistleblower forms go directly to the MOWL Board President and Vice-President. They will meet to determine action and may appoint an Independent Ethics Officer. Sharing your contact information is optional and you will only be contacted if you do share it.

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